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We (Mike and Cory) started brewing in January 2010 because we both love beer. It didn't take long before the act, the ideas, and the processes of brewing began to take over our lives. Shortly thereafter we dubbed ourselves Black Pond Brews, after a pond where we had some fun and memorable times in Woodstock, CT. Within no time we were entering our beers into home brew competitions and they were met with immediate success. Spurred by this success and by the constant clamoring of our friends and family to make more beer, we really began to ask ourselves: how do we turn this passion for producing beer into a commercial reality?


Our project is not only valuable to us, but to the community in which we will operate.  Our beautiful, quiet town of Danielson, CT will become a destination for anyone who loves beer, be they local or travelers.

Cory Smith

 Co-Founder/Head Brewer 

Hometown: Woodstock, CT


Education: BA, University of Rhode Island; History & Spanish

Favorite Teams: Philadelphia Flyers & Boston Red Sox

Favorite Music: deftones, metal, alt rock

Favorite Beer Style: anything mixed fermentation

Mike Teed

Co-Founder/Head of  Revenue

Hometown: Brooklyn, CT

Education: BA Uconn,

MA Durham Univ

Roman Archaeology

Favorite Teams:

Boston Red Sox

Favorite music:

Metal, Alternative Rock

Favorite Beer Style:

Helles Lager

Marc Guskey

Co-owner/Head of facilities

Hometown: Dudley MA

Education: Cornell Univ Loss prevention Cert


Favorite music: Classic Rock

Favorite Beer Style:


Mr. kitty

chief operating cat

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On any given day at the Brewery you will come across Mr. Kitty supervising the activities and greeting customers. He has become a staple at the Brewery and customers come for the chance to catch a glimpse and take a selfie.

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

Favorite Bpb Beer: Mr Kitty 

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