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As you may imagine, we get asked a lot of questions. 

So we thought we'd answer some of the most common ones them here!

commonly asked questions

where is mr. kitty?

mr. kitty comes and goes from the brewery. he is typically hanging around the tap room or wondering around outside. there are times he takes a little vacation and goes back to his actual home with cory.

What are your hours for tastings and growler fills?


You've come to the second best place on this website to have this question answered.  The best is the hours and location section. we'll put it here, too: Monday 5-8pm, Thursday 5-8PM, Friday 3-8 PM, Saturday 3-8 PM, Sunday 1-5 PM. Check out our events page for special events.

How much are your kegs?


Unless you are a bar or restaurant with a liquor license, we cannot sell kegs to individuals in accordance with Connecticut state law.  If you are a bar or restaurant and are interested in having our beer on tap, please e-mail us via the contact form on this website for pricing and availability.  We are currently only distributing our kegs within the state of Connecticut.

Do you bottle or can?  What package stores sell your beer?

We do bottle our beers (cans soon we promise) and sell them to a few mostly local package stores. Check the bottom part of our Whats On Tap section to see what products are available where! If you would like to see our product somewhere- shoot us an email!

What's a growler?  How long do they last?

A growler is a larger sized bottle that is filled on the spot.  We carry both 32 and 64 oz growlers.  We fill your growler with the utmost care, and while we ask that you return your growlers clean, we will check each growler to make sure that they are clean and ready to be filled with our fresh beer.  Growlers are meant to be consumed quickly-ideally within a day or two from purchasing. In some instances, people have kept them cold for a few days up to a couple weeks and the beer was still great but again, results can vary, so make sure you drink them fresh!

Do you write your own recipes?

We get asked this question a lot.  YES.  We are dedicated to making the highest quality beer at all times, and we are also tremendously proud of producing unique and distinct beers year round! That being said, some breweries do not write their own recipes- we aren't quite sure why anyone would do that- be we are certainly not that type of brewery!

still have questions?

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